5 Best Android games you’ll not find on Google Play Store

There are plenty of Android games that aren’t distributed through app store but have amazing graphics and gameplay. Plethora of games available on Play store might not satisfy everyone and some users are craving for more. For all those, we’ve curated a list below.

5 best Android games that aren’t available on Google Play Store:

  1. World War Z

    This toy in its time passed unnoticed by many players, and for nothing. After all, this is quite a quality project. If you love zombie themes and respect all apocalyptic, then this project is what you need. Revived zombies everywhere, so that the exit is only two, run or fight back. The protagonist of the game is a guy named Duke, a former military man, who has not yet lost his fighting skills.

    5 Best Android games you'll not find on Google Play Store 1

    Sitting in a cafe, the hero gets a call from his son, who says that his mother is trying to attack him. The hero doesn’t have time to figure out the details and then goes home. Meanwhile, the streets of the city are in real chaos. A very long and dangerous journey awaits you, hundreds of thousands of walkers and other dangers will meet you. Among the advantages are excellent gameplay, rich plot and tense atmosphere.

  2. Re-Volt 2

    This is where you’ll be cutting through the radio-controlled machines. You can play the game both in single player mode and race with your friends. Each car has its own features, so for the best result, carefully select the transport.5 Best Android games you'll not find on Google Play Store 2

    And to cope with rivals on the track, when pumping you can use weapons that will simplify the task. You will also have at your disposal accelerators and armor, because rivals will not just give up. Although the game has outdated graphics, it doesn’t affect the drive gameplay in any way. And only adds a portion of nostalgia, transferring to a carefree childhood.

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  4. Prince of Persia Classic

    This is the very first part of the series that was released back on Dendy, but with improved graphics and sound. Roughly speaking, a remake of a cult classic. Here you have to overcome various obstacles, and try to save your princess. You will need to go through the dungeons, fight with the guards and go on a journey through the palace and its many chambers.5 Best Android games you'll not find on Google Play Store 3

    The prince will visit the towers, prisons, and will demonstrate all the skills of mastering his sword. I remember playing it on Dandy, and it was really hard. Every deviation of the jump by a millimeter will doom you to death, and the guards, not a bit lost in danger. That’s why the hardcore enthusiasts are clearly going to come to the project. The only downside to getting used to it is that you’re gonna have to go through more than one level.

  5. Assassins Creed Pirates

    For some reason, this part left Play Market very quickly. So who missed it, make up for lost time. The project is entirely about sea battles. You’ll start playing for a young captain, and you’ll be able to fully explore the endless expanses of the Caribbean Sea. 5 Best Android games you'll not find on Google Play Store 4

    Take part in dangerous battles, to search for treasures, as well as make small changes in the board of superpowers of this region. Undoubtedly, the creators have done a huge and very difficult job. In the graphics component of the game still looks great. Only here you can watch the bright sunrises, admire the reflections of moonlight on the sea surface, as well as each time you will be amazed by the incredible detail of the ships. To be honest, it doesn’t look like Assassins, but more like Sid Meier’s Pirates!


    High-quality online shooter. The toy came out last year, and managed to make a ruckus in the gaming Android industry. This time we were abandoned in 2030, where different groups are fighting for nuclear energy, money and resources. The game is very similar to Apex Legends, the game system and the surrounding scenery. As usual, each of the characters has its own set of skills and character traits. 5 Best Android games you'll not find on Google Play Store 5

    As for the gaming dynamics, it is not a typical royal battle. To win, you will need to reach a number of goals on each of the cards, while defending yourself from the enemy fire. The project is different from other games, the quality of performance, there is a very detailed graphics, physics and, accordingly, the atmosphere of post-apocalypse.


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