Career in eSports: A dream job for Millennials

Esports is an evolving phenomenon and there are organizations like Major League Gaming and Electronic Sports League taking gaming to masses. Apart from encouraging gaming fanatics to take their craft more seriously, this has opened up new avenues for people who had been looking for a career in esports. Online games are something that a lot of people get addicted to. It is not uncommon to find people in your friend circle who take gaming seriously and even have a console installed at their house. While we have been through that phase when the Xbox used to keep us tethered to our rooms, esports has now become serious business. Let us take a look at some opportunities that might help you get a career in esports.

There are several esports jobs that now enjoy the description of being “offbeat” due to this gaming boom. These are:

Career in eSports: A dream job for Millennials 1
Graphic designing
  • Graphic Designing: This has come a long way. From the very basic structure of games available in cell phones to the most realistic of graphics, the designer has seen his career offering him plenty of challenges with a short time span. At present, it is one of the most promising esports jobs in India. Different games require different graphics. While the very basic ones like the games that are played in real life, one can do with simple graphics because the “story” of the game has already been narrated in the mind of the player. In these cases, the player simply enjoys the improvement in his own game when he spends more and more time every day, honing his skills. However, there are games that have a story to tell, and a new plot twist occurs as a result of an action performed by the player. This demands a realistic graphic design that makes the game look more convincing.
Career in eSports: A dream job for Millennials 2
Visual Storytellers
  • Visual Storytellers: The scriptwriters have more to do nowadays than just write tearjerkers or some hardcore action sequence. Their life in gaming career has become more difficult, if it can be put that way. They now need to feel the pulse of the gamer because that will reflect in the sales of the game if the story does not resonate. The scriptwriter has to keep in mind that the gamer must sufficiently engage him/her in the game so that they find it worth the effort to play through the next step. The modern era demands the script to be as real as possible and new plots demand the game to connect several friends at once so that a certain “task” can be completed. There is a reward at the end on the game for the winner, so these games are a kind of return to the primitive lifestyle in a digital way!

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Career in eSports: A dream job for Millennials 3
Professional gaming
  • Professional Gaming: Of course, professional gaming is an option that is yet to be explored more in the future in the gaming industry. Major League Gaming has its own fan base, and it would not be an exaggeration that there is a virtual world that is taking esports as seriously as professionals reckon the Olympic Games with. Finding gaming companies to sponsor you, just like real life, requires you to have patience and develop skills that are far superior to the others in the league. This, in itself will serve as self-promotion to build the gamers’ career when he/she plays in an international tournament. The player might even choose to find his own sponsor through the marketing agents. In return for 15-20% of the total deal, they find you a sponsor that promises to invest in you since you have shown considerable talent in a particular game! 
Career in eSports: A dream job for Millennials 4
  • Entrepreneur: You can self-finance your gaming career in India if you can knock together a team that has the ability to build on a new concept from scratch. The money spent on this might be a little at risk, but you should totally go for it if you have the confidence that this would appeal to the new generation. Marketing is something that would become easy for you with the social media advertisements getting cheaper by the day. Community engagement is a thing that you need to take care of, though, if you want a boost in your sales.
Career in eSports: A dream job for Millennials 5
Coaching Staff
  • Coaching Staff: There is scope for the player to restart his/her career by training new players to become masters of the game. Tips from a professional are always helpful in esports, and players often want to have their own staff that consists of the managers and coaching assistants. It really helps when you are playing under an experienced player. They will guide you about the common pitfalls, help you build strategies. 
Career in eSports: A dream job for Millennials 6
  • Commentator: Everyone knows the importance of commentators in heightening the drama in high-tension matches. The former players can join in as experts and predict the course of a game played by the best players in the world. Major League Gaming is going places internationally and it is not long before the scope increases as far as job opportunities are concerned.
Career in eSports: A dream job for Millennials 7
  • Anchor: The tournaments are going live with several gaming news portals and it becomes even more professionals with anchors announcing the names of the participants and even briefly mentioning their career highlights. This helps the fans to choose their favorite gamer and thus, the gaming industry gains important patrons.
Career in eSports: A dream job for Millennials 8
merchandise partner
  • Merchandise Partner: With the gamers becoming more popular when they consistently win tournaments, there is sufficient scope for sponsorship. Gaming paraphernalia can have brand names displayed, and this has a good scope of publicity since the matches are being telecast increasingly.

Wrapping it Up

Gaming is no more just a mode of recreation. Time has come to take it seriously. Combined with social media, this can become a great career opportunity for passionate candidates all over the world. The biggest advantage in this is that the entire concept is virtual, and thus the whole world can serve as the market from the gaming products.


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