CS: GO and its new update on Operation Shattered Web

CS: GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) Operation Shattered Web, by Valve Corporation, is one of the most popular games in India, which involves two teams, Ts and CTs, fighting each other and trying to complete their tasks. The game has many striking features like real-life weapons; players get skins for weapons and gadgets used in it. Fans of the game are always eagerly waiting for new updates that will make the game more exciting. 

What CSGO Operation Shattered Web has to offer?

  • The popularity of the game has received a boost after Valve Corporation announced a new update in November 2019.
  • They have introduced the 9th operation in addition to the already existing eight ones.
  • Those who are part of this operation will enjoy getting free items like skins, weapons, graffiti, stickers, etc.
  • However, you need to get pay an operation pass for $15.
  • A player can play the missions without a pass, but he will not be able to receive the rewards.

Valve has said that the duration of this operation will last more than four months, and there will be a new mission that will set in the game, which makes it more exciting and enjoyable.

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What makes Operation Shattered Web Insanely Unique?

  1. Rewards: A player can earn operation rewards if he collects the stars required to claim the next reward. He also has the option to buy stars or get them as rewards after completing the tasks.
  2. Shattered Web missions: Players will receive a new mission card every week with a total of 6 missions that can be completed in any order as they do not overlap. To complete each one of the cards, players have to fulfill their missions and get stars as rewards. They can only get up to six stars in a week, and just for only the first week, they can earn ten stars.
  3. New characters: One benefit that players get in this new update is that they can equip any favorite character from the list. But for that, they need to get the required stars so that they can unlock the characters and deploy them. Both teams can avail of these characters. The characters are now called agents instead of Ts and CTs becauCS: GO and its new update on Operation Shattered Web 1se of issues previously created by their names.
  4. Accolades: Another new feature added is the Accolade, which a player gets depending on how he performs in the match.
  5. Collection of skins: A new collection of three skins for weapons has also been released named The St. Marc Collection, The Norse Collection, Canals Collection, and the Shattered web knives collection, which players can buy from the SteamCS: GO and its new update on Operation Shattered Web 2 market. Operation Shattered Web Knives, a new collection of four knives named Paracord handled field knife, the Nomad, Survival, and the Skeleton was also released during this update.
  6. The new Operation Shattered Web sticker collection: As rewards during operation shattered web, players can collect new stickers that are designed by community artist daniDem.
  7. Shattered Web coin: Players can upgrade their shattered Web coin by completing their missions on the card. After three missions, your coin will upgrade to silver from bronze, to gold on completing 66 missions, and to diamond on completing all 100 missions.

This update with all the above amazing features has been received very well by the CS:GO community, and it will help to increase its popularity besides attracting more new players to the game. 


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