Enjoy incredible eSports on TV thanks to Nodwin and MTV Collaboration

Esports is in huge trend nowadays and India has geared up for esports on tv. Esports games are generally multiplayer video game competitions played competitively for spectators by professional players. Some examples of video game genres associated with eSports are the first-person shooter (FPS), multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), battle royales, card games, fighting games, and real-time strategy (RTS) games. 

MTV has always been an iconic youth channel that always comes up with innovative shows. This time, MTV is collaborating with Nodwin Gaming – India’s biggest eSports company. The audience can expect a crazy show based on quality eSports content.

Enjoy incredible eSports on TV thanks to Nodwin and MTV Collaboration 1

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Esports on TV

This is a humongous leap towards mainstreaming eSports and taking it among the masses. There has been a recent hike in the number of professional eSports players and professional competitions. Through live streaming, lots of audiences used to connect to view these tournaments. This hinted towards the increasing popularity of these tournaments. So, the great partnership between MTV and Nodwin Gaming is going to be a sure shot success. Addicted gamers and gaming lovers can visit voot’s website for getting the latest esports content.       

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In a candid interview, the head of Viacom18, Ferzad Palia, said that MTV is a youth-based channel that has always been focusing on new offerings for the Indian Youth. He feels that the young audience of MTV is gradually showing a lot of interest in eSports. So he did not want to miss the perfect opportunity to “bring in the next wave of growth for eSports in India.” He emphasizes the fact that Nodwin Gaming is the ideal partner for this new venture. 

Akshat Rathee, the founder and chief executive officer of Nodwin Gaming, feels that MTV will be the perfect platform to showcase eSports on tv. He is ready to deliver one of the best eSports contents to the television audience. He believes that television will play a significant role in mainstreaming the eSports tournament. The TV will, for sure, take these types of matches to the next level by making them available for the general audience. Akshat further added that MTV is the apt youth channel for showcasing such revolutionary shows.

What Audience can expect from Esports Mania?

There are a wide variety of segments in the Esports Mania line up. Let’s have a look:

Esports 360: This will provide the weekly updates of recent eSports news. It has commenced on 17th December 2019. To enjoy the segment, do not forget to tune in every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Timing will be 4:55 p.m. sharp.

Match of the week: This segment is all about the craziest eSports matches with nail-biting moments shortlisted from the tournaments all over the country. It will showcase world tournaments too. You need to give it a shot every Thursday at 10 p.m. The segment is running from 12th December 2019. 

Documentary series: If you have a keen interest in the lives and stories of professional eSports players and their experience of big tournaments, then this segment is definitely for you. It will showcase the stories and documentaries related to eSports players and their participation in major competitions. It will reveal the lesser-known sides of the participants, their struggles, and their way of victory. To enjoy the segment, tune in every Saturday, correct at 9:30 p.m. You can watch it now voot’s website. 

Enjoy incredible eSports on TV thanks to Nodwin and MTV Collaboration 2

Nodwin Gaming is the biggest platform, where talented gamers can showcase their skills. It organizes top-class gaming tournaments with lots of expertise and perfection. Nodwin Gaming aptly executes the competitions and also excels in eSports content creation. Undoubtedly it is one of a kind gaming company in our country. It has been providing over the top gaming consultancy and solutions for the last seven years. 





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