Grand Theft Auto 6: release date, rumours and the long wait

We finally heard from Grand Theft Auto 6 and are more excited than ever to see this franchise come back to us.

We are all waiting for the next big delivery from Grand Theft Auto and it looks like we will have to wait a long time. But that doesn’t mean we’ll see it anytime soon either.

Grand Theft Auto 6: The long wait

Grand Theft Auto 6 has been waiting for many years now. And although we could see a great delivery of Red Dead Redemption coming to us, there are those who prefer GTA over the cowboy saga.

But thanks to the recent information that Kotaku published, we know that work is already underway on the next installment of Grand Theft Auto. Whose title has not been confirmed.

That’s all we have of information, but even if it’s very little, at least we already have great confirmations with this:

  • The game exists and is completely real
  • It’s in the early stages of development
  • We may not see you in the very near future
  • Thanks to the above, it is possible that it will be released in the next generation of consoles

This game will not be presented this year

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It’s a lot of information that makes us think about everything we could see, just knowing that it has just begun to be developed recently.

The things we don’t know are quite a lot, that includes the number of protagonists or if only one. We don’t know in which city it will be developed, nor do we know the new mechanics, and it’s very likely that the developers themselves don’t know yet either.

This is certainly good news but unfortunately it leaves us with more questions than answers. Still, it is interesting that we finally know that this game exists and that we will see it in the future, maybe a little bit far away.

Rest assured that when we have more information about this game, we will let you know immediately, as we too are already looking forward to playing the new game.



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