The Gaming Revolution & the Rise of Investment in Esports in India 2023

The gaming industry in India has experienced tremendous growth in recent years, and it’s no wonder that major tech and gaming companies are taking notice and making investment in esports tournaments of the country. With the increasing popularity of video games and esports, India has become a hub for talented gamers and a potential market for companies looking to tap into the industry. In today’s blog, we’ll explore some of the top tech and gaming companies investing in India’s esports tournaments, the growth of the industry, and what the future holds for the gaming community in India.

From partnerships with leading esports companies to investment in esports and mobile gaming startups, these companies are bringing their expertise and resources to help elevate the gaming experience for players and fans in India. Today we’ll provide a comprehensive look at the rise in investment in esports sector that is shaping the future of gaming in India.

Investment in Esports in India
Investment in eSports companies across India from financial year 2017 to 2021, with estimates up till 2025

Tech Giants’ Investment in Esports Tournaments

By providing the infrastructure and resources needed to elevate the gaming experience, the following companies are helping to drive the industry forward and making it easier for players and fans to engage with esports.

1. Google: Google is a major tech giant making huge investment in esports industry in India. In 2022, Google Cloud partnered with SuperGaming to provide the Indian gaming startup’s proprietary gaming engine, SuperPlatform, to developers globally. This was part of the Android-maker’s efforts to expand its focus into the gaming industry.

The cloud arm of the search giant offered SuperGaming’s gaming engine to support developers worldwide in managing their live operations, matchmaking, player progression, data analytics, server scaling, and merchandising. These tools were designed to assist companies in maintaining, optimizing, and scaling their games

2. Acer: Aside from offering laptops, desktops, monitors, and accessories to gamers, Acer played a role in developing the gaming ecosystem by launching Planet9, a platform where gamers and coaches could connect and receive top-notch gaming coaching.

The company worked with universities to include gaming as a separate subject in the curriculum and foster the growth of esports players in India. Acer Predator is also the sponsor of one of Asia’s largest gaming tournaments, The Asia Pacific Predator League 2022, with a prize pool of USD $120,000 in the APAC region.

Investment in Esports in India

3. JioGames: India’s leading gaming service, partnered with Gamestream, the world’s leader in white label cloud gaming solutions, to announce a 10-year strategic partnership. This collaboration aimed to provide 1.4 billion Indians with unlimited access to cloud gaming from anywhere, at any time.

4. Advanced Micro Devices (AMD): one of the world’s leading high-performance and adaptive computing providers, had partnered up with Galaxy Racer for its first international Valorant tournament in Hyderabad in November.

Featuring a plethora of gaming talents from across the globe, the Valorant India Invitational also boasted a massive prize pool of USD 100,000. It was South Asia’s first-ever international Valorant tournament, and its partnership with AMD emphasized the magnitude of the event.

5. Paytm: Paytm First Games, an Indian digital gaming platform, entered into a partnership with Riot Games, an American video game developer, publisher, and esports tournament organizer. The collaboration resulted in the hosting of a Teamfight Tactics tournament in the region. This marked Riot Games’ first active involvement in hosting a tournament in India, even through a third-party organizer.

6. Airtel: In 2020, India’s largest integrated telecommunications company and South Asia’s leading esports company, NODWIN Gaming, announced a partnership aimed at promoting the growth of esports in India. The Airtel India Esports Tour was created to cover all NODWIN gaming tournaments, including popular titles such as CS:GO, Clash of Clans, FIFA, and others. This partnership included coverage of notable NODWIN events like the India Premiership, Dreamhack India, The Northeast Cup, KO Fight Nights, and PAN Fest, as well as all other NODWIN-operated tournaments.

These tech giants’ investment in esports tournaments demonstrate the industry’s growing potential and the commitment of tech companies to support its growth.

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Local Gaming Powerhouses Paving the Way in India

The Gaming Companies’ recent investment in esports industry and partnerships with local organizations are helping to bring more gaming options and experiences to players in India. By working with local partners, these companies are able to offer a more tailored and engaging gaming experience to the Indian market, further driving the growth of the industry in the country. A few examples are listed below:

1. Revenant Esports: one of India’s top esports organizations, signed a multiyear deal with popular esports fantasy platform FanClash to become their official fantasy partner. The goal of this investment in esports sector was to build a dedicated fan base and bring top players to one platform to provide exciting and thrilling matches for fans worldwide.

As part of the partnership, FanClash aimed to engage with Revenant Esports’ massive fan base and create various fantasy engagement activities.

With Revenant Esports boasting some of India’s most talented gamers and creators across various esports titles, this partnership provided gaming enthusiasts the opportunity to actively participate in Revenant’s gaming rosters and tournaments.

2. Trinity Gaming India: the country’s top gaming content and marketing company, announced its partnership with Dubai-based EmChain FZE to drive a USD 10 million business in the web3 and blockchain-based gaming sector in India. Through this partnership, Trinity Gaming and EmChain aims to train, mentor, and create revenue streams for creators in the web3 and blockchain space. This collaboration shall enable web3-based gaming content to generate new revenue streams for Indian influencers and open doors for them to collaborate with brands and game developers in global markets such as the MENA, SEA, and the US.

Investment in Esports in India

Esports in India: A Bright Future Ahead

  1. Government Support: The future of esports in India looks bright, with the government showing support for the industry’s growth. The government has recently taken steps to promote the development of the gaming industry in the country, including the official recognition of esports as a multisport event.
  2. Rise of Professional Esports Players: As the industry continues to grow, more and more people are turning to esports as a profession. With large prize pools and increasing recognition, professional esports players are able to make a living by participating in tournaments and events. This growth in professional players is helping to further establish India as a hub for the gaming industry and is attracting the attention of companies looking for investment in esports industry.
  3. Growth of Streaming Platforms: The future of esports in India is also being driven by the growth of streaming platforms. With the increasing popularity of platforms more and more people are able to stream their gaming experiences and reach a larger audience. This is helping to increase exposure for the industry and attract new players and fans to the world of esports.

These factors are helping to establish India as a hub for the gaming industry and are driving the continued growth of the industry in the country. With the right support and investment in esports sector, its future in India has the potential to be even more exciting and impactful.

To conclude, Esports has taken the world by storm and India is no exception. With the growth of the gaming industry, the rise of mobile gaming, and the increasing popularity of esports, India has become a hub for the gaming community. Tech giants as well as local gaming companies, are making investment in esports industry and helping to bring top-tier gaming experiences to Indian audiences. The government is also showing support for the industry’s growth, and with the rise of professional players and the growth of streaming platforms, the future of esports in India looks bright.

As the gaming community in India continues to grow, it is important for companies and the government to continue their investment in esports industry and supporting its growth. With the right support, India has the potential to become a major player in the global gaming community and bring exciting new gaming experiences to players around the world. So whether you’re a fan of esports, mobile gaming, or traditional video games, there’s never been a better time to be a part of the gaming community in India!

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