Women in Esports: Top 5 things that will increase their participation

Let us take any esports event and it is so happening – it is so lively; with all the musical lines, dazzling lights but one thing predominantly missing in all the competitions including Dreamhack events!!

Can you guess what is that?

It is the WOMEN!

When Kim Key attended a Dreamhack event at Atlanta in November 2019, noticed that when the audience was asked about women’s participation in esports, then the crowd had no answer.

Women in Esports: Top 5 things that will increase their participation 1

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Pondering on the ways to encourage women to take active participation in esports. Diversifying esports requires efforts, courage and enthusiasm so that women can enter into this male-dominant industry.

Irrespective of the action being small or big, here are some of how we all can make a difference in increasing the women’s participation in the esports.


The SheIS Collective and Tiidal Gaming Champions Women in Esports

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Top 5 ways to Encourage Women in Esports                             

  1. Hiring women as Marketing Executive: Make them your brand ambassador or marketing executive or get them on the front page of the website. Isn’t the first and the best way to promote women’s zeal about esports? Representation is all that matters. It will take some time to cause a breakthrough in women’s proportionality to increase, but with consistent efforts, we can all do it.

  2. Organize Women only Tournaments: This can be very welcoming for the women as the esports events are male-dominant. Many women restrict themselves from attending such events as the space becomes hostile (if you don’t believe it, then read the comments on the Reddit thread here). Hence, such events can be the way to make them feel safe and boldly encourage them to develop their esports skill.

  3. Begin summer camps for Girls: Children develop skills faster at a younger age, and hence, summer camps can be one of the effective ways to sharpen their interest in esports. When a girl child develops interest at a younger age, she can take part efficiently in the tournaments and feel no more hostile because she then starts beating the male’s score.

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  4. Helping women find out their desire to be in the esports industry: We all know women in our life who spend time playing esports such as CSGO, PUBG. There are some who you just can’t beat too! However, they haven’t realized the significance of their skill which can develop them into a gamer. Encouraging them, inviting them to be marketing executives, arranging a women-only tournament will help them discover their desire to be known in the esports industry.

  5. Ensure no online harassment happens with them: As you see in the Reddit thread, the comments make them stay away from the space of esports. So, be welcoming, and whenever you see someone becoming hostile or harassing women – take action. Stop that immediately. You can be the cause in the matter to encourage women to become a professional gamer.

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We know what superpower these ladies may have! If men can become a source of power for these ladies, who know the next Asian Games winner could be a woman and India would be the first country to get internationally recognized for a lady winner.


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