You must read this before buying Gaming glasses

Currently, one hears again and again about so-called gaming glasses. They are supposed to improve the gaming experience at the console or on the PC and protect the eyes from harmful blue light.
But are such gaming glasses really necessary or useful or are they a deceptive marketing trick?
In this article we will clarify the most important questions about gamer glasses:

  • What exactly are gaming glasses?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of such glasses?
  • And finally: For whom are gaming glasses worthwhile? 

What are Gaming Glasses?

Gaming glasses are nothing more than blue light filter glasses. These special glasses protect your eyes from the harmful blue light of the screens. This light inhibits the production of the sleep hormone melatonin and thus upsets the sleep rhythm.

For example, if we have been playing long games before going to bed, we often find it harder to fall asleep in the evening. Or sometimes we lie in bed completely awake, although we were actually still extremely tired in the afternoon.

Furthermore, it is not yet clear whether the blue light also damages the eyes in the long term by attacking the optic nerves. These glasses therefore filter out the blue light and thus protect the eyes.

Advantages of gaming glasses

You can fall asleep better in the evening because the hormone balance of the sleep hormone melatonin is not upset.

These glasses are very light and comfortable to wear. So they do not interfere with gaming. Even wearing a headset is no problem.

Some blue-light filter glasses wearers report that their eyes are less strained during gaming, which means they get dry eyes or headaches less often.

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Disadvantages of gaming glasses

The lenses of most gaming glasses have a yellowish tint, which could interfere with video editing or gaming. However, there are also models without tinting.

If you have never worn glasses before, it may be a little unfamiliar at first. However, you will get used to it quickly because most gaming glasses have a comfortable fit.


Buying a gaming glass are worthwhile if you spend a lot of time in front of the screen – which means it is useful for not only gamers but all the IT techs and people with a desk job.

If you spend several hours a day in front of the screen. Speak in front of the PC, the console, the smartphone, etc. a pair of these glasses or blue light filter glasses is definitely worth considering.

It is clearly proven that these special glasses protect your eyes from the blue light, which disturbs your sleep rhythm and is suspected to damage your eyes in the long run.

If you are not willing to spend your money on gaming glasses, I can recommend a blue light filter. Although these special filters have a lower protection factor, they are free. The easiest way is to set the night mode in Windows on your computer or, if integrated, activate the blue light filter of your monitor in the settings. You can buy one here

You must read this before buying Gaming glasses 1

If you already wear glasses, you can also buy a model with diopters. But I would recommend a blue light filter clip on much more. This is simply put on the glasses. So you do not have to change your glasses all the time. You also save a lot of money, because gaming glasses with prescription are very expensive.


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