Exciting opportunity to showcase your skills at Agami’s FIFA Tournament

Agami Esports is organizing the fourth FIFA tournament on December 22, 2019, from 1 pm onwards. After three successful tournaments in the last two quarters, Agami cannot keep calm with FIFA 20 release. The competition will be held in Delhi, and the game is to be played on the platform PS4 Pro.

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The prize pool depends on the number of participants and you can learn more about it here.

About the FIFA tournaments by Agami Esports

EA Sports releases a new FIFA game every year, thus making it a popular sport in India which is also fun to play. Agami Esports started organizing FIFA tournaments so that people can experience the exciting esports environment at an everyday price. Agami has organized three tournaments and is all set for the fourth tournament now.

The first tournament was in May 2019, and the competition was on PS4, the most popular console in India. The first competition saw a decent turnout of game lovers and was enjoyed thoroughly. The second competition was hosted on both consoles, Xbox and PS4, and was a smashing success with many competitors participating. The third tournament on October 5, Delhi, was also well received.

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Winners of FIFA Tournaments

FIFA Round 3: Altab Rahi

FIFA Round-2: Chaitanya (PS4 Bracket Winner) bet Aniket (Xbox Bracket Winner)

FIFA Round 1: Chaitanya

We never forget to acknowledge our every time volunteers Aniket and Sahil Nain for their successful volunteering to bring out the success of the events.

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The Insane Popularity of FIFA 20

Developed by Electronic Arts FIFA 20 are a football simulation video game and a part of the FIFA series. It was released in 2019 for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4. The new mode VOLTA takes you to the street side version of football, away from the glamour of the clubs and stadiums.

The commentators are Martin Tyler and Alan Smith and alternatively, Derek Rae and Lee Dixon. Three editions of the game are available, namely ultimate, champions, and standard. Real Madrid star Eden Hazard is the cover star of the regular one, while Virgil Van Dijk, the Liverpool defender, is the star of the Champions Edition. The great Zinedine Zidane, Reak Madrid’s midfielder, is the cover star for the Ultimate edition.

What Makes FIFA 20 More Exciting

The demo of FIFA 20 was released on 10th September 2019 while the subscriptions were out by 24th September through  the EA Access along with 10-hour free trial.

    • The game introduced a new mode named VOLTA football that departs from the usual 11 x 11 format and is more of street football than the traditional one


    • The players can be customized by selecting the clothing, gender, hats, or tattoos of your choice


    •  Ultimate Team currently will feature 88 icon players along with 15 new names. Two game modes, namely Mystery Ball and King of the Hill, has been incorporated


    • Mystery Ball mode brings uncertainty to the game as it allows the attacking side to shoot, dribble, speed up, pass


    • While, King of the Hill allows the player to boost the amount on the pitch worth hitting the next goal. All this happens on a random generated zone against the player’s possession to hit the goal. 


    • It has introduced more penalty and free-kick mechanics, allowing you to add more creativity. You can make dipping free-kicks and curling shots.


    •  You can choose up to 17 locations such as Berlin, New York, Los Angeles, Rio De Janerio, Rome Miami, Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Lagos, Cape Town, London, Mexico and Tokyo


    • Featuring more than 30 official leagues with more than 17,000 players over 700 clubs, FIFA 20 has introduced Romania Liga I, Al Alin and UAE


    • There are more options, along with better control in a one x one situation


    • There is more natural movement of the ball in the air and ground, with real bounces and spins


  • Focuses more on an independent play and not on team tactics.

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To participate in this exciting tournament in Delhi, all you have to do it buy a ticket online and visit the venue on time. You are also requested to join our discord server as soon as possible.

1) Upto 10k cash prize
2) A trophy for the first place
3) Agami Esports branded T-shirts from our partner to winners: Round Neck

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