Our Past Events

Discovery Round Episode 2 - FIFA 19
Platform: PS4 & Xbox
August 04, 2019
Thrilling and exciting were the words to be used for this edition of our FIFA competition. This time we decided to host the competition on both the console, i.e. Xbox & PS4. We tried to give a taste of what EA sports competitions looks like to the participants and it was indeed received positively by them. It was so nice to see people choosing xbox as their preferred platform for the competition. It directly points towards the growing community of Xbox FIFA players in India.
The competition started around 2:30pm and ended around 10pm with nearly one sided final where Chaitanya Singh (PS4 bracket winner) had beaten Aniket (Xbox bracket winner) 5-1 to take home the cash prize. Agami Esports wants to thank the volunteers, Aniket and Sahil Nain for their hard work and dedication. A big round of applause for all the participants and the volunteers for making it a successful tournament 💖
Discovery round Episode 1 - FIFA 19
Platform: PS4
May 19, 2019
This was the first ever gaming competition organised by Agami Esports. We chose FIFA because of how fun is to watch and play that game. The competition happened on PS4, the most beloved console in India. Decent number of people turned up for the competition and enjoyed their day. We saw an intense competition among participant through out the beginning. The final match was between Chaitanya Singh & Krishiv where Chaitanya nearly lost to Krishiv but destiny had other plans for him.
He managed to won the match and took home the cash prize. Though number of participant was less than what was expected but the excitement and response was amazing. Two guys Aniket and Sahil Nain, contacted us to volunteer for our future events. It was a great boost for us to work hard and bring more such competition across different gaming genre in the future. We are really great to all the participant who came and participated in the tournament ❤️