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FIFA 21 tournament - Discovery Round Episode 5


Agami Esports brings you the first-ever online FIFA 21 competition on PS4. A bigger platform and the latest edition FIFA to royally destroy your n00b friend. Come along with your friends/relatives & own the stage. Not just that, you'll get rewarded with cash prizes. The tournament will be hosted online. All of you are requested to go through all the rules and regulations before proceeding with booking your slot. The tournament will be hosted online.
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Quick Tournament Details
  • Prizes: Up to INR 10,000 prize (as per the total number of participants and will be transferred through digital medium )
  • Platform: PS4
  • Mode: Solo online friendlies best of one for all matches except final (Final will be Bo3).
  • Date: 26th December 2020 (Saturday) from 01:00 P.M onwards
  • Registration fee: Rs. 200/person
Following match timings will be followed:
  • Round 1: 1 PM to 1:30 PM
  • Round 2: 1:30 PM to 2:00 PM
  • Round 3: 2:00 PM to 2:30 PM
  • Round 4: 2:30 PM to 3:00 PM
  • Round 5: 3:00 PM to 3:30 PM
Cash Prize distribution is as follows:-
  • Total Participants 10 - 20 => Rs. 2000
  • Total Participants 21 - 30 => Rs. 4000
  • Total Participants 31 - 40 => Rs. 6000
  • Total Participants 41 - 50 => Rs. 8,000
  • Total Participants 51 - 64 => Rs. 10,000
Prize money distribution
  • 1st place: 50% of the prize pool amount
  • 2nd place: 30% of the prize pool amount
  • 3rd place: 20% of the prize pool amount
How to play this tournament?
  • Minimum 16 players are required to continue the tournament otherwise dates will be postponed and the same tickets can be used for the next event.
  • In case, if someone needs a refund if the tournament is postponed then they will have to contact us our Facebook page within 2 days of the announcement of new tournament dates. Post that no refund request will be entertained.
  • As soon as the fixtures are generated, they will be updated on our website and social media (Facebook / Instagram)
  • You can reach out to us on our Facebook page for support.
  • Add your opponent as a friend on the platform (PS4), and wait for them to accept your friend request
  • Once they’ve accepted the friend request, anyone of you can invite the other for an online friendly match.
  • Set the rules as stated below for the online friendlies and invite your opponent.
  • Once your opponent has joined, start the match.
  • After the match, please report your scores to our admins on our Facebook Page and the scores will be updated on our website.
  • Once the match score is updated, you can follow these steps again to find your next opponent and play remaining matches
  • In the case when the game kicks you out of the match and gives someone the win, Then please inform the admin about the issue and admin’s decision would be the final decision.
  • If the latency issue results in in-game lag then the match still has to be played (We expect you to use a wifi connection when playing in the tournament)

  • Who’s my opponent?
    Follow our social media channel to know your opponent, we'll put all the details below

    Facebook | Instagram | Website

    How to contact my opponent if he is not responding to the PSN request?
    You can talk to our Admins on our Facebook support.

    My opponent isn’t responding, what do I do?
    If your opponent doesn’t reply within 10 mints of commencement of any round, report it to the admin on Facebook

    Rules & Regulations

    Decision taken by the Admin Team will be final and binding and won't be changed or reverted under any circumstances Admin Team has the right to ban/kick any player without prior information

    Game Settings to be used:
    • Level: Legendary
    • Time of Day: 10:00 PM
    • Season: Summer
    • Weather: Clear
    • Game Speed: Normal
    • Squad Type: Online
    • Team: Club / Nation
    • Half Length: 5 mints
    • Multiplayer Camera: Tele Broadcast
    • Time/Score Display: On
    • Radar: 2-D or 3-D
    • Injuries: OFF
    • Offside: ON
    • Handball: OFF
    • Specials teams like Classic XI, World XI not allowed
    • Squads: Latest/Updated
    • Custom Tactics and Instructions: Allowed
    • Custom formations: Not allowed (All the default formations can be used)
    • Defending: Tactical Defending
    • FIFA Trainer: OFF
    • Marker during penalties: OFF
    • Rest of the game settings to remain the default.
    Other rules
    • Players must message the Admin Team on Agami Esports Facebook Page with their Round and Match number before and after the round/match.
    • Players are required to report their scores on Agami Esports Facebook Page.
    • You must play your opponent through the online friendlies mode.
    • Add your opponent as a friend and message them via PSN.
    • Go to Online - Online Friendlies - New Friendly Season
    • It is forbidden to use custom formations, only the standard formations are allowed to use. So don't use the square button to change the position of players. (When your opponent has a custom formation, make a screenshot and send it in the chat to the Admin. Your opponent gets a warning, and you will play a rematch. When a player plays with a custom formation for the second time, he/she will be disqualified).
    • Playing via mobile hot-spot would create connection issue (WiFi is recommended). In this case, your opponent will be allotted the win.
    • If any players is connected to internet via NAT Type 3, the opponent will be allotted the win in that match.
    • Each player has 10 minutes to show up to a match. (scheduled match/round start time +10 minutes). Not showing up within 10 minutes results in a default loss. The player that is waiting must message on our Facebook page
    • Age Limit-6+
    • No sideline coaching is allowed.You may cheer or boo as the game progresses, but you may not offer advice to anyone playing a game.
    • In case of any conflict, the decision of organizing team is final and binding.
    • Action photography at the event will be conducted.
    • Semi-finals and Finals video might be recorded and videos will be uploaded on YouTube.
    • Player can pause the game to change strategy when the game is stopped (i.e.: offside, touchline, fouls, etc). Exceptionally player can pause the game each time one of his players is sent off or is injured to change him and his strategy.
    • Prize money is subject to the number of participants register for this tournament. Agami Esports is free to take this decision without notifying anyone. However, the final prize amount will be communicated to the participants before the competition starts.
    • No memory cards or saved games are permitted.
    • Unnecessary pauses or delays are prohibited.
    • Any action designed to disrupt the opposing Player`s view of the field or ability to select controlled players is prohibited.
    • Each game will begin play at its designated time, and as designated on-site at the tournament.
    • Players not present at the designated start time for any match will be disqualified, and their opponent shall be granted a 3-0 score. Players are encouraged to be in the designated play area 15 minutes prior to game time.
    • Players will be shown their designated station, shall set up the game and immediately begin play. Each Player will have 2 minutes to configure controls, line-ups, and settings in accordance with the rules described above under game settings. Custom packages cannot be used, nor can anything else that is not available in the in-game pause menu.
    • Players shall be responsible for keeping track of game situation so if a game is interrupted, the situation can be restored. In all situations possible, Agami Esports referees will monitor the game situation so that it may be restored in the event of game interruptions.
    • If a game is interrupted intentionally by any Player (as determined by Agami Esports), that player will immediately be disqualified.
    • If a game interruption is caused by outside circumstances such as a machine error or loss of power, the game shall be continued from the point of interruption.
    • Referees will begin the play and will record scores for each game. The decision of a referee is final and binding.
    • Use of alcohol or drugs is prohibited on the premises of, or during the attendance of, live events or tournaments, for the duration of the competitive tournament. Players must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while participating.
    • Smoking is prohibited except in designated areas.
    • Payment once done cannot be refunded.
    • Any damage caused to property at the venue will have to be paid by the person causing damage.
    • In case of power failure or any similar incident, the decision of Agami Esports regarding results of match or rematch will be final.
    • Agami Esports/Venue Owner reserves the right without refund or compensation to refuse admission to any person whose conduct is disorderly or unbecoming.
    • No photography, audio or video recording is allowed during the event unless otherwise stated by the Agami Esports.
    • The organizer may add, withdraw or substitute devices/consoles and/or vary advertised programs, event times, seating arrangements and audience capacity without prior notice.
    • The Agami Esports/Venue Owner may use the ticket holder`s image or likeness in any live or recorded video display, photograph or picture.
    • By entering this tournament, each participant consents to the posting and use of his or her name and/or photograph on Agami Esports Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Youtube pages or groups and website.
    • The Agami Esports/Venue Owner may postpone, cancel, interrupt or stop the event due to adverse weather, dangerous situations, or any other causes beyond his reasonable control.
    • The venue may be changed.
    • Should an Event be canceled or postponed due to unforeseen circumstances, Agami Esports will endeavor to process a full refund within 45 days of such circumstances becoming known.
    • The participants voluntarily assumes all risk and danger incidental to the event whether occurring prior to, during or subsequent to the actual event, including any death, personal injury, loss, damage or liability.
    • By attending this FIFA 20 Tournament, participants agree without reservations to comply with these rules and regulations, as well as the decisions made by the referees of the tournament. The application of these rules and regulations is at the sole discretion of the referees. Any decisions made may overrule the following rules and regulations to maintain the spirit of competition. Participants have to obey the instructions made by the referees at all times.
    • Every participant acknowledges the rights of Agami Esports admins to modify these rules and regulations at any given time and without prior notice.
    • Every participant is asked to maintain an adequate level of respect and friendliness with the other participants and the referees. Insults and unfair or disrespectful behavior towards the referees and the other participants won't be tolerated and will be punished, an immediate disqualification and/or a temporary ban from the Fifa tournament