15 cool features of PS4 that you might not know

Very soon, the ps4 console’s life cycle will come to its logical end, and through all these years it has changed many times. Through numerous system updates, Sony has added all sorts of new features and features to its console that you might not even know about. In this article are collected just such.

Here is a list must know features of ps4

    15 cool features of PS4 that you might not know 1

  1. Share Play:

    This function is probably the best known of all the features on this list, but I think few people have ever used it. Share Play can allow you to give control of your game to any friend who is in a party. By the way, with this feature you can call a friend with you to a local multiplayer, for example, in Mortal Kombat, regardless of whether he has this game or not. This feature can actually be useful in case one of your friends wants to play your game before buying it, or if you need help with passing the difficult level. Activating this feature is very simple: add a friend to the party and choose a section in it to share the game. After a short test of your Internet speed, the control will be transferred to the person you have chosen. This is a great option for those who want to play with a friend, but can not meet him.


    15 cool features of PS4 that you might not know 2

  3. Opening several applications at once:

    You can launch the game and one of the applications simultaneously. This can be useful if you suddenly need to find the passage of a moment need to find the passage of a moment in a game, and you just turn it onYouTube. You can also run the console’s internal browser simultaneously with the game. Unfortunately, you can not play several games at once. We are waiting for such a function in the new PlayStation 5.


  5. Double-clicking the PS button will take you back to the last screen:

    This feature can help you switch between the game/application and the PS Store or browser, without having to go to the main menu and select the desired icon again.

  6. Using L1 and R1, you can scroll through your apps from first to last:

    With these buttons, you can instantly skip the entire long list of games and applications to instantly switch between the PS Store and the library.

    15 cool features of PS4 that you might not know 3

  8. Press [square] to read the hidden trophies:

    If you have difficulty understanding how to open a secret trophy, you can simply press the [square] button to read the description of such trophies. Also, if you click on Options during this reading, you can immediately find the trophy on the Internet.


  10. You can adjust the brightness of the controller’s backlighting:

    Don’t you like the bright light from the controller? You can change the light intensity to a minimum. To do this, press the PS button, select the device settings and find the controller light setting there. You can change it to dim, medium and bright.


  12. The backlight of your controller may tell you about its charge:

    15 cool features of PS4 that you might not know 4When you charge your controller with the console switched off or at rest, it always glows orange. So the less light pulsating, the more charged it is. When the controller is fully charged, the light turns off completely.


  14. Re-assigning all the buttons:

    With ps4 you can change all your buttons on the controller. To do this you need to find this function in Options > Availability. This feature may be useful for those who (as I had) have a Japanese revision of the console with O and X replaced by default.


  16. You can control your console with a face and voice commands:

    PS4If you have headphones with a microphone connected, when you say the “PlayStation” command, a menu of voice commands will open, with which you can open applications or control the screen. And if you have a camera PlayStation, then you can activate on it authorization in the account by face, on the manner of FACE ID.


  18. Type text using the touchpad and gyro sensor:

    15 cool features of PS4 that you might not know 5The keyboard for typing on the ps4 is not so comfortable that it is easy to use. So you might want to try other typing methods. You can use the controller’s touchpad to type just by swiping your finger while typing. And by pressing R3, you can switch the input method to a gyro sensor, so you can use the controller to point the cursor at the letters you want.


  20. You can create events in your calendar:

    If you want to create an event, such as a match with your friends on a specific date, just find this option in the top tab of the main menu, indicated by the calendar icon. Here you can see all upcoming events or seasonal events, as well as create your own. This is a great way to create different tournaments between your friends online.


  22. Choose who can send you messages:

    Are you sick of the spam that is sent to you in ps 4 messages? Then you should go to the privacy settings, where there is an option to limit incoming messages. Here you can enable the All / Friends / No one options.


  24. See all the patches and previous versions of the game:

    If you’re wondering what patch notes and updates have been released for a particular game on your console, just point to it, open the options and scroll down to the update history. That’s where you will find either just version numbers, or complete descriptions for the patch.


  26. Alternate controller shutdown:

    To shut down the controller without much effort, simply press the PS button for 10 seconds and the controller will shut down immediately.


  28. Screen magnifier:

    In the Availability section, you can enable double magnification of the screen. To do so, you need to enable this function and press the preset combination of PS and [square] buttons by default.

We hope that you have learned something new today. Don’t forget to share it with your friends. Happy Gaming!


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